Matthew Rea
Visual Communication
Updated 29.07.18

Royal Ulster Academy of Arts
Visual Identity, Signage
Belfast, 2018

Conceptual Identity made for the Royal Ulster Academy of Art, the identity manual made includes a new logotype and output guidelines. This piece of work has been invited to be showcased at the RUA’s 137th annual show held in the Ulster Museum (2019)

Going Going Gone
Awareness Campaign, Identity, Website
Belfast, 2017

Awareness Campaign hoping to bring amputation in diabetes to the forefront of public discussion. Resulting in a public event showcasing augmented hands and feet of people diagnosed with diabetes. Display text made from eaten sugar paper. Font used favourite by ABC Dynamo

Typeface and Specimen
Belfast, 2017

Based on the cast shadows of Stonehenge at the specific time of solar alignment, Monolith captures these impressions in a set of 211 characters. A3 Riso print specimens and Monolith are available on request.

Manifesto in Process
Playing Cards and Book (Research and Design)
Belfast, 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh to Bob Gill, this book explores the process of testing manifesto ideologies and its production of playing cards in reaction to the notes and ideas of designers such as Bruce Mau, Bob Noorda and Bob Gill that result in childhood re-imaginations.

Mickey Loves Polythem
Visual Identity, Typeface, Poster
dusseldorf, 2016

Mickey Loves Polypthem is the name of a conference on virtuality and the image of people in the digital space. The poster is made from a typeface with auto generated forms paired with hand-made illustration. A reflection on the shared digital space a designer occupies.

Oripeau Poster
16X200 cm2 Display Panel
Nantes, 2018

Oripeau is a billboard project curated by Frank Adebiaye, it is located in Nates France. Based on the concept of consumption, the collage acts as a surreal interpretation of how one consumes media and the process that take place, only to be repeated, again and again.

Dundalk Bay Brewery
Packaging, Identity
Belfast, 2018

Visual identity and packaging for Dundalk Bay Brewery. Dundalk Bay produces simple but high quality craft beer, this concept inspired by dundalk's sign painting history attempts to imprint this into a minimalistic yet sophisticated brand identity. Easily identifiable and differentiated by its bold titling and numeric typographic system.

Black Fish Collective
Belfast / Dublin, 2017

Poster promoting a gig by BFC. Layers of grotesque type are being interwoven in a grid format. Font used Sporting Grotesque by Velvetyne

Dusseldorf, 2017

Schlachtenbummler (meaning die-hard fan) explores German football culture within the confines of its own architecture. Focused in North Rhine-Westphalia. Taken on 35mm.

Bad Time
Belfast, 2017

Collection of ideas and illustrations documented over the winter, scaled to a larger siez for a bigger contemplation.

Currently living and working in Belfast. Recent BA Graphic Design graduate from Ulster University School of Art (UK)

Exploring typographical solutions and new ways of presenting information

Full portfolio and CV on request 

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