Matthew Rea is a Brussels based graphic designer from Belfast, NI. Who’s practice navigates around the research of typographic experimentation and graphic systems. Focused on visual identities, type design, posters and signage with a particular interest in photography and motion design. Previously at Base Design, Brussels and Bielke&Yang, Oslo.
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Argile, Brussels, 2020
Typedesign, Motion

A playfull result of exploring physically sculped type in a contrasting virtual reality. Type design based off the use of three elements. Motion displayed in Brussels, Saint Gilles. Futura, Belfast, 2020
Record Cover

Record sleeve and custom lettering for AVA emerging artist Ciaran Bittles. Vinyl record 45 rpm inspired by Bruno Munari’s Tetracono (1965) showing forms in the process of becoming fitting with an artists early work yet fully realised.
Bielke&Yang Fest, Oslo 2018
Posters, Signage

Welcome party at Bielke&Yang’s new studio is a celebration of everything that goes “BANG”. Scattered and erratic in composition according to how parties usually unfold. Art direction by Bielke&YangPULF Literature Festival, Oslo 2018
Visual Identity, Signage

PULF is an annual pop literature festival hosted by Cappelen Damm, becoming an important part of the cultural landscape of the city of Oslo by offering a stage for an exchange between well known writers and new creatives. Celebrating simplicity and diversitiy through its identity. Art directed by Bielke&Yang.

Going Going Gone, Belfast 2018
Visual Identity, Website

Awareness campaign hoping to bring amputation in diabetes to the forefront of public discussion. Resulting in a public exhibition showcasing the consequences of diabetes with the use of augmented reality hands and feet of people diagnosed with diabetes. Display text made from eaten away sugar paper.
La Monnaie, Brussels, 2019
Flag Design, Visual Identity

Masking the facade of a classic Brussels landmark with a not so classical design, tearing and stretching boundaries with La Monnaie 2019-2020 season, art direction by Léa Wolf. Illustration Charlotte Chauvin. Done at Base Design
DELVA, Brussels, 2020
Book Design

Book designed for architectural collective PEACH, consisting of 10 essays by members and invited guests discussing a disused site outside Brussels. Like the site itself each member had the same amount of space in the book to show their findings leading to font size changing from page to page.
Monolith, Düsseldorf, 2018
Typeface, Specimen book, Riso Print 

Based on the cast shadows of stonehenge at the specific time of solar alignment, Monolith captures these impressions in a set of 211 characters. A3 riso print specimens and Monolith is available on request. 

Northern Design Awards, Oslo 2019
Poster Design, Visual Identity

Innovation is only the combination of the already existing. Poster design for the 2019 Northern Design Awards for “up and coming” furniture designers. 400 design proposals submitted by 150 different designers worldwide. Done at Bielke&Yang.
Royal Ulster Academy, Belfast 2018
Visual Identity, Editorial, Book 

Identity proposal made for the Royal Ulster Academy of Art, the identity manual made includes a new logotype and output guidelines. This piece of work was invited to be showcased at the RUA’s 137th annual show held in the Ulster Museum in 2019.
Dundalk Bay Brewery, Dundalk 2018
Visual Identity, Packaging

Dundalk Bay produces simple but high quality craft beer, this concept inspired by Dundalk’s sign painting history, attempts to imprint this into a minimalistic yet sophisticated brand identity. Easily identifiable and differentiated by its bold, stripped back titling and numeric typographic system.
Serious Play, Belfast 2017
Book (Research and Design)

A childhood retracing of inspiration and a critical look at process in design. Resulting in an abstraction of inspirational designers in the form of playing cards. Finished with embossed foil.Love Hate Debate, Brussels, 2019
Exhibition design, Visual Identity

‘Love Hate Debate’, the INGs newly displayed art Collection, explores the idea of discourse in modern art. Each piece allows the public to entertain an open dialogue with the artwork, through texts, furniture, spatial layout, images, and a custom web app. Done at Base Design
Moss, Belfast 2018
Logo, Visual Identity

Plant Studio Moss finds its place between a local niche in its community and an ever growing position in its online market ambitions. The logo as well as the typographical system lie somewhere in between those dimensions.
Good Time, Belfast, 2017
Wall Illustration

Collection of ideas and illustrations documented over the winter of 2017, scaled to a larger size for a bigger contemplation.Ocean Space, Venice, 2019

May programme leaflet for the Ocean Space, a creative space dedicated to the fusion of art and environmental awareness. Done at Base Design Schachtenbummler, Dusseldorf, 2017

Schlachtenbummler (meaning die-hard fan) explores german football culture within the confines of its own architecture. Focused in North Rhinewestphalia. Taken on 35mm.